The Company
Dark Town Licensing is a subsidiary of
Dark Town Music Group,llc, a Decatur Georgia based soundtrack  music production company digitally distributed by Viacom International Media Networks New York, NY
owned and operated by Lord Hector Diono®

The Producer:

Lord Hector Diono is a veteran of the music industry 28 years and counting, a long time rapper,crooner, and song writer, a BMI writer/publisher affiliate since 1991, who's audio recordings are distributed by Island Def Jam Digital Music NYC, and Viacom  Hector has a catalog of over 70 audio sound recordings available around the world and now offers professionals as well as semi pros of the musical arena, music production to assist with your quest to be the absolute best you can be as an artist.

Though no one can ever be guaranteed a record deal these days, one thing is for certain, the best can't be denied the ear of a listening professional or the professionals that make up the  elite circle of the music business. What are you waiting for? you've got a world to conquer so get started!. 
cell block muzik is the SOUND

Cell Block Muzik is the sound of
Dark Town Licensing, a sound developed by
Lord Hector Diono for urban music fans and artists who are looking for the sound that allows you to deeply express yourself and your struggles, plan your next move to musical greatness,and show your audience the new untouchable you.

Licensing Contact:
Viacom Media Networks
1540 Broadway ,19-405E New York,NY 10036
 (PH#) 212-654-5817 OR Fax  201-553-6663
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Top Songs

Lord Hector Diono established Dark Town Licensing to provide the
Film,TV, & Music industry
an alternative realm when looking for composed compositions that covers a broad spectrum of music genres. Most R&B & Soul Genre compositions provided by Dark Town Licensing also come with the lyric sheet as Lord Hector is also a gifted songwriter and tends to write to tracks he has produced  Please allow one to two weeks for this request.

"We don't make beats!"
We compose soundtracks that bare a standout stamp of excellence for our clients. "The Producer/Songwriter and Composer is an artist himself currently digitally distributed online by Island Def Jam Music Group and he knows what the prospective client or artist is saying without having heard one lyric as you'll pick up on while reviewing each composed composition on this site."

 •Inflexibility - Prerecorded tracks require the singer to be more flexible with respect to tempo, interpretation, range, etc. •Uniqueness - With prerecorded tracks, there is the chance that your sound track may have been heard at an open mic club just last week. On the other hand, this liability is even of greater concern to a major artist whose tracks (for performance purposes) are in every bootleg operation in town. •Songs are 'dated'

 - Generally songs with prerecorded tracks have been around awhile. Dark Town Licensing has solved that problem... Once a track has been purchased through our exclusive pay option the track is removed from the site permanently and another unpublished original goes up for sale.

 'Unpublished Originals' • Predictability - You know exactly what you are paying for because you are leasing a track you can preview before you lay your money down.

• Scheduling - If time is critical; producing 'custom' tracks may not be an option for you and your music supervisors. In rare situations a track can be done in a week, at other times the production schedule might require a month or more. Prerecorded tracks are ready to record yesterday.

•Cost - The most obvious advantage with the other guys is the average cost per track, which may have been leased for as little as .99 cents on other sites with a rising cost of about $150 to $450.00 USD per track, compared to our custom-produced tracks which is why our tracks cost averages 3 to 12 times that amount.

 With our custom composed tracks the production costs are covered and we use only the best software to provide our clients with the high quality sound they deserve as a professional. We offer 100% unpublished originals on this site guaranteed!

If you have any questions concerning a specific track of interest please feel free to contact Dark Town Licensing directly via email at info@darktownlicensing.com  All tracks listed on this site are produced by Lord Hector Diono and are subject to applicable copyright laws.

BMI MTV Networks Viacom International Inc. NY NY